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- Download Servatron's RoHS Compliance Process (Adobe PDF)
- Download Servatron's recommended RoHS Compliant PCB Finishes (Adobe PDF)


Servatron's Supply Chain services begin at the inception of the product cycle. Our supply chain professionals work closely with design teams to select preferred suppliers, as well as to identify and minimize supply risks in the product creation process. As a full turnkey solutions provider, Servatron is fully responsible for performance, costs, subcontracting, and management of customer logistics requirements. Our services include distribution, network optimizations, supply chain visibility, information sharing, and transportation management.


Servatron offers our customers flexible just-in-time and build-to-order delivery programs, allowing product shipments to be closely coordinated with customers’ inventory requirements. Increasingly, we ship products directly into customers’ distribution channels or directly to the end-user.

Our expertise in product distribution will enable your products to reach your distributors and customers more quickly and effectively. In addition, we provide the space and personnel to warehouse your products, reducing the cost and risk to you.


Servatron delivers a strong, systematic method for new product development. Dedicated product teams of engineers, schedulers, and program managers meet weekly to provide schedule and status updates in order to manage the entire prototype and pre-production development processes.


Servatron’s engineering team possesses a high level of technical expertise across multiple disciplines with significant experience in: - Manufacturing Engineering - Test Engineering including RF test development - Process Engineering – Surface Mount and Assembly - Quality Engineering


Servatron’s goal is 100% referral achieved by providing exemplary quality and service to our customers.
Our Quality Policy is to meet and exceed customer expectations for quality, delivery, and service.
- Quality: Supplying products that conform to customers’ requirements and quality standards.
- Delivery: Products delivered on-time.
- Service: Proactively understanding and addressing our customers’ needs. We are committed to continual improvement throughout the organization for the purpose of achieving customer satisfaction.
We are committed to continual improvement throughout the organization for the purpose of achieving customer satisfaction.


Servatron can provide full support throughout the product life cycle. Capabilities include materials management, replacement and spare parts distribution, product refurbishment and upgrade, and ongoing repair services. We can maintain installed products and systems in full operation well past regular production.

Our in-house depot repair center provides fast (1-2 day turnaround), reliable service for a wide range of electronic products. It is equipped with dedicated technicians, tools, and parts inventory necessary to quickly get hardware back into service. Servatron captures the findings of repair work and provides information to engineering and manufacturing to support continuous improvement activities.


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