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Servatron has a dedicated team and equipment to exclusively service our customers Prototyping and NPI needs.  This ensures capacity, speed, flexibility and quality for our customers.


Servatron’s engineers can provide a variety of design support services that will speed your product to market, increase yield and reduce costs. Our team provides both design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for test (DFT).

Through our numerous partnerships we can also provide PCB layout, and design services including RF design, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and product development.


We are dedicated to ensuring our customers’ products move smoothly from design to production.

Through our design for manufacturability, we ensure that production is achieved at the lowest total cost and highest quality possible. When designing for manufacturability, we take into account all aspects important to the manufacturing process – including components, test, line layout, speed and scheduling. All this is done to lower production costs, increase yield and ensure customer products reach the market on time and on budget.


Our on-staff test engineers can provide test system development and support including:

Our team will help you step through the entire process and find ways to increase yields while decreasing delays.

From pre-design to post-installation, our test engineers and technicians work closely with customers to provide tailored test engineering solutions. To maintain test efficiency, we continually evaluate product test flow and cycle time optimization.

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