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Our Values

Servatron is committed to providing customers with such exemplary service that we will achieve 100 percent customer referrals. We will accomplish our goal by operating in an environment founded in professional ethics and trust and transparency.


Created as a divestiture of Itron’s (ITRI) manufacturing division in May of 2000, Servatron has a long history of manufacturing excellence in Spokane Washington. Servatron’s original founders had a goal of creating the premier regional EMS company in the Pacific Northwest. Starting with 78 employees and one customer, Servatron has gained both regional and national acceptance as a top tier player in the EMS industry. With a work force of over 200 employees, 40 customers ranging from local to international and a 65,000 ft manufacturing facility, Servatron has far exceeded its inception goals.

While we have the same goals today, we are not the same company created in 2000. As our expertise has grown, we have become faster, more flexible, and more capable. We understand our customers’ needs and strive to put solutions in place that exceed expectations.

Quality Systems, Standards and Certifications

Servatron is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard, certified to the AS9100 Quality Standard for Aerospace, and certified to the ISO13485 Quality Standard for Medical Devices.

We comply with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and CSA manufacturing requirements and can manufacture and apply the UL and CSA label to listed products. The Servatron cable assembly operation is a UL approved cable manufacturer.

The following Standards are adhered to by Servatron:

  • IPC-A-610: Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies

  • J-STD-001: Requirements for Soldered Electrical & Electronic Assemblies

  • IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033: Handling, Packing, Shipping and Use of Moisture Sensitive Devices

  • ESD-S20.20: ESD Control Program


Servatron’s 65,000 square foot facility located in Spokane Valley WA, is a world class electronic manufacturing operations center.  Located 20 minutes from Spokane International Airport, Servatron is easily accessible and situated in a metro location that enjoys little to no traffic congestion, and a low cost of living.  This enables Servatron to not only provide unmatched quality, extreme flexibility, but also cost competitiveness.

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